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How to Promote Quick Chat Café!

How Can You Help Make QCC the Best Little Chat Online?

1. Bookmark the site!

It's amazing how many people still use a search engine every single time they visit QCC. We know how frustrating it can be to try and find your way back to a cool site you visited weeks ago when you can't exactly remember the name or the URL.

Save time! Click here to add QCC to your favorites now! 

2. Tell your friends.

Although we get hundreds of visitors per day via existing search engine traffic and link arrangements, the best way to get the kind of people YOU want at QCC is to invite your friends to come check it out!


3. Mention QCC wherever you go.

While we don't advocate actively broadcasting advertisements at other chat sites, there's no harm in privately inviting someone you meet for a cup of coffee at the Café!

Even though we like to see lots of public chatting, QCC's accessibility and ease of use makes it a great (and discreet) private chat alternative to messengers like Yahoo and MSN.

4. Suggest QCC to directories.

If you find a list of chat sites while surfing (such as the People's Choice Directory), don't be shy about telling them your favorite place to chat!

5. Link to QCC!

If you have a personal website, a MySpace page, or profile page that allows links, we'd certainly appreciate a link to the Quick Chat Café! To make this easier, various linking code is provided below. Just click inside the box to highlight, and hit <Ctrl-C> to copy.

If your page only allows a simple text string as a link, use: http://www.QuickChatCafe.com

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Visit Quick Chat Cafe!


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Visit Quick Chat Cafe!


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Visit Quick Chat Cafe!


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Come Chat at Quick Chat Cafe!


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